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Carmen Isais, MA CHT

Carmen is a clinical hypnotherapist,  Integral Coach, facilitator, and trainer.

“My life philosophy is simple. I approach life with dedication, integrity and a sense of humor. The latter always comes in handy. A native Californian, I’ve been lucky enough to three different countries and have learned that no matter the land or language, people crave love and union. People are waiting to tell their story, be heard and accepted.”

To schedule directly with Carmen, please do not hesitate in contacting her.


Robert Huston Hypnotherapist.jpg

Robert Huston, CHT

Robert Huston is a Father of three and lives in Davis, California where he continues his studies in Psychology at UC Davis. As a hypnotherapist, Huston specializes in anxiety and smoking cessation. His approach incorporates mindfulness-based practices as well as reality testing.  He believes in human potential and strives to create resiliency, outside of session, so as to create new patterns of thinking and personal strength, long-term, for his clients.

To start on your path to betterment contact Huston online or call him directly at 707.372.1963.